Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Getting the Game Ready for Production - Part 1

After I contacted Covenant Communications and they said that they liked my concept, they asked me to send a test deck with full instructions. In the initial email I had sent a sample card idea.
I told them that I would like to do all the illustrations. In a couple of weeks they sent me an email saying that they would like to publish my game and that I could do the art but none of the characters could look like they were from Lord of the Rings. This was in reference to the fact that the sample art I had sent them looked remarkably like "Bernard Hill" - an actor who played King Theoden in the movies. This was no coincidence. The Captain Moroni sample I sent them was actually referenced from the head of the actor, although it was from his role as the captain in the movie, Titanic. I hadn't taken the time to gather my own references yet. Oops.

I'll cover the struggles of trying to get the design of the cards and cover in future posts but for now lets talk about just getting the art done. Part of the HUGENESS of the project was coming up with different models for reference, costume ideas, poses, settings and color themes for about 50 people from the Book of Mormon. AND it all had to be done really fast!

I began by putting together sketches and basic ideas for each character and then find models (most were not LDS) and then I frequently had a given model pose for 3-5 different characters.
Then I would do a sketch for approval from the Art Director and then transfer the sketch to a 16" X 20" canvas and paint like crazy.

I picked models that would work wherever I could find them. Some even came from visits to other places. I had traveled to TX to do a mural at a school down there. In the hotel room at night I would plan layouts for Book of Mormon cards. I attended church on Sunday and found 3 people that I thought would work great as models. It wasn't ideal but I asked if, after church, I could take a snap shot of the them for this game. They were all fine with it! The result worked pretty good.


Raymond Teodo a.k.a. was_bedeutet_jemanden said...

Cool! I stumbled across your blog page while I was looking for something else. I've actually played this game before, and found your illustrations to be really good! :-)

corryporteous said...

Have you considered putting your Book of Mormon battle pc game onto a wider venue such as xbox360?
I for one would LOVE to see a war game that actually teaches something. teenage boys seem drawn to war games and it would be nice (something i have been praying for) if there were some church based games we could choose from that werent really cheesy and challenaged them to think stratgically and was fun . thanks for the work so far its nice to have choices.

thank you
Vicki Porteous (Corry's mom)